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    Scenic spots
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    Fenghuang Stilt House
    xiangxi - HunanFenghuang
    the stilt house (diaojiao house), a kind of folk residence built on the stilts of different heights, is usually built beside the river or in steep mountain areas. the stilt house is usually divided into two parts, the front part and the rear part. the front part is a storied building built on the ground and similar to the fence-...
    Hunan Hongjiang Ancient Commercial CityHuaihua City
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Situated in the conjunction of Yuan River and Wu River in Huaihua, Hunan, Hongjiang Ancient Commercial City originated from the Spring and Autumn Period, took shape in flouring Tang Dynasty and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasty. It is famous for collecting and distributing China wood oil, timber, paraffin and opium. In ancient tim...
    Xiangxi-Mengdong River
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    the 112-kilometer-long river originates in longshan county. in the lower reaches, it joins you river, and goes into yuan river. it was named mengdong river after the hole in its sources in mengbi vally in longshan county. nowadays, the mengdong river scenic spot is famous largely as an ideal place for rafting. here visitors can ...
    Fenghuang-Former Residence of Shen Congwen
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    The Former Residence of Shen Congwen who was a famous litterateur and educator, is situated in the Fenghuang(Phoenix) Ancient City. The residence is a typical spacious ancient courtyard with special tectonic style of Ming and Qing Dynasties. It was constructed over 100 years ago by Shen Congwen"s father when serving in the Qing ...
    Fenghuang Former Residence of Shen Congwen
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Fenghuang Former Residence of Shen Congwen features the Xiangxi architectural style,As one of the national cultural heritages in Hunan province. Situated in No.10 on Zhongying Street in Fenghuang Ancient Town, The Former Residence of Shen Congwen is an outstanding culture relic in this town. This residence is the birth-place of...
    Xiangxi Guantianshan Miao Village
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Xiangxi Guantianshan miao is located in national historical and cultural city – phoenix city. It is alongside adjacent to 209 national road, traffic is very convenient. It is closed to one of the eight sceneries of the phoenix ancient city — qiliang hole, ximeng gorge rafting, cultural art investment reconstruction “love” valle...
    Xiangxi-Guizhou Miaowang city
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Miaowang city is located in Guizhou province. It is built in song dynasty, and the wall is rammed earth. In Ming dynasty, it has a expansion into today’s masonry walls. It has 39 km distance to the ancient phoenix city, and 10 kilometers to tongren airport. The wall stretches for more than 1200 meters, 4 to 6 m tall. For resist...
    Jishou Manjia Ancient Hmong Village
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Jishou Manjia Ancient Hmong Village, located in Jixin County where people have to pass here from Jishou City to Fenghuang Twon, is 26 km away from Ancient Phoenix Town and 20 km away from Jishou Qianzhou Ancient Town in the north. Manjia people are pure, kindhearted, passionate and of hospitality. Besides, Manjia folk custom, or...
    Great Wall of Southern China in Xiangxi
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Great Wall of Southern China ,or simply "Southern Great Wall"for short,built during Ming dynasty from 1554 AD to 1622 AD with the length of 382 li(= 1/2 kilometer ).Most of Southern Great Wall is located in Jishou ,Xiangxi(Western Hunan) ,thus it also named as Great Wall of Miao Region. Southern Great Wall is a great ancient Ch...
    Furong Ancient Town
    xiangxi - HunanXiangxi
    Furong Ancient Town, Furong (Hibiscus) Town is originally named Wangcun. It is an ancient town where Tujiazu people live together. Until now, in the town, pavement laid with black flagstones and ancient domestic house ( mainly Diaojiaolou ) are well preserved. The famous movie Furong Town directed by Xiejin is shot here. At Furo...

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