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    Zhangjiajie Ten Dishes

    in zhangjiajie, there are ten dishes for entertaining important and special guests from distance. these dishes are the best foods for common families of tu minority. these ten best foods can not be eaten everyday. only during festivals, good evens and other special conditions, people have those ten dishes. it is call "ten dishes", but in fact, it includes thirteen courses. before dining there is a "tu minority tea" named "gong xi cha" with materials of brown sugar, stir-fried rice and pure water. the first dish is moyulaojiahecai cooked by inkfish, fat and lean meat strips, day lily, and pachyrhizus powder. its second dish named jizhiqianzhanghecai is made of jizhiqianzhang, carrot, fat and lean meat strips, shredded green pepper and chili. the third course is local chicken stewed with jew"s-ear. the fourth dish is called xiangcunkoudupian cooked by fresh pig tripe and radish. the fifth is cooked by streaky pork and lotus root. the sixth dish countryside huokengyu. then its seventh dish is dingguanzhuti with major material of fresh pig trotters. eighth, the dish is tu minority steamed sliced pork with marinated vegetables. the ninth food is sijichangqing- vegetables. then the tenth one is tu minority hezha cooked by local leek and home-made bean curd sauce. the eleventh belongs to snacks is glutinous rice cake. then there will be assorted fruits from farm house and appetitive humi tea.
      china international travel service zhangjiajie co.ltd
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