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    Home > News > Sea of Clouds’ Wonderland Beautify ZJJ Yangjiajie
    Sea of Clouds’ Wonderland Beautify ZJJ Yangjiajie

    on april 20th, the continuous rain in resort zhangjiajie stopped on gran rain, the last solar terms of spring on lunar calendar. yangjiajie natural protection area in wulingyuan core scenic area were surrounded by misty clouds, which turned its forest sight into a wonderland. many guests excited exclaimed,“how beautiful it is”.

    yangjiajie lies in the west of wulingyuan, next to tianzishan, yuanjiajie and yellow stone village. though it is renowned as “the natural great wall”for its forest sight, it has been neglected for the past years due to inconvenient traffic. with the operation of yangjiajie cableway on april 18th, yangjiajie would be much easier to travel for guests. it will become a new spotlight to draw guests here and there.

      china international travel service zhangjiajie co.ltd
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