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    Home > News > ZJJ World Geological Park Museum Opened to Public for Free on Earth Day
    ZJJ World Geological Park Museum Opened to Public for Free on Earth Day

    on april 22nd, zhangjiajie world geological park museum opened to guests at home and abroad officially for free after upgrading and transformation to celebrate the 45th earth day.

    on the first opening day, workers in the park issued science knowledge and promotion materiels of the park to the passengers. besides, an interactive activity “a survey of zhangjiajie world geological park and earth day” was held on the spot. what’s more, guests were organized to visit the museum and see a scientific geological film named “a love destiny in wulingyuan”.

    most guests thought that the earth is human’s common home and the activity in line with promoting human-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development view will arouse people’s awareness and responsibility of protecting the earth and saving energy. they also considered that it was a very meaningful thing to take part in the geological and environment protection.

      china international travel service zhangjiajie co.ltd
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